Apron is an accessible experience that helps discover enjoy and learn to cook with ease. Using advanced hardware, software and smart textiles, Apron integrates intuitive guidance, connectivity as a navigation experience for the apprentice cook.

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Conducted user research through various design methods to test low fidelity prototypes, validate ideas, create hypothesis and leverage the knowledge gained to develop a cohesive design system product line. 

Learning cooking skills at an early age is key for skill retention, confidence, cooking practices, diet and overall quality life. Apron accounts for the cooking experience before, during and after it has taken place. Effectively achieving “Mise en place” has never been easier. Our design aims reduce cooking time, provide a soothing ambiance, indicate steps with clarity through visuals or sound and offer pace control with gestures.

Different kitchen layouts
High variance in combinations
Market competition

Agile design methods
A/B testing 
Wizard of oz
MVP + MLP approaches
Microelectronics + Capacitive touch
Adobe suite (Ai, Ae, Ps) 
3D printing 

Main Takeaways 
1. Finding essential balance between concise and clear instructions vs. clutter and long paragraphs. 
2. Users like variety + options
3. Behavior is changed through
executing a sequence of actions

4. Users were drawn to
multi-sensory experiences

5. Value of user control 

Timothy Taliaferro
Jeremy Philemon 

User testing 

Our app gives the user a library of recipes that are sorted out by preferences of the costumer. As the recipes are chosen the user gets notified of different variations or alternative menus with the purpose of improving meal prepping. The app provides step by step guidance for preparation through visual aids and audio narration depending on the needs of the cook.


"I dont like having to talk to siri. I would pefer to make a gesture to go back and forth"

Response: capacitive touch Apron 

"Cooking speed limits to estimate arrival time."

Response: Navigation method with estimated time of cooking and end time. 

"Audio guidance was interesting but what about those days I prefer to listen to a podcast while I cook"

Response: Options to choose between audio guidance, visual guidance or both. 

"Touching my screen, scrolling, pausing, going back makes me go crazy."

Response: adjustable mount for digital devices to cook with ease. 

The apron

The Apron has embedded micro-electronics woven into the textiles to receive gestures and communicate back with digital activity. Seamlessly integrated, our technology gives cooking a new layer of interaction. Every preparation step is at the tip of your fingers, without intervening with your smart devices.

With a small gesture, one can glide through a new recipe like a master. Access to every step, utensils, quantities and tips to cook properly without even reaching for your phone. For example, with a simple brush of your chest you can get your next direction and navigate through the cooking experience.


The mount

The mount is designed to be adjustable to various kitchen layouts for all types of devices. It rotates on its axis to provide views in different angles and can be rotated while avoiding touching the screen. 

Why go through all this trouble?

"Am I the only one who feels this way?"

No. Our research validated Jeremy was not alone... 


There had to be a better way.