About me 

I have a big heart for people.

Building things that encourage fun, discovery, connection, technology and health is my ultimate goal. I want to be a part of brands, products and experiences that make people smile. I was born and raised in Colombia, studied Industrial Design in Spain and I'm currently pursuing a Master of arts in Design Engineering at Brown & RISD with a unique focus on collaboration and teamwork. I excel on cross-functional teams and believe in the power of co-designing.


You'll find me asking random questions, playing guitar, meditating, having interesting conversations, attending car rallies with my dad and attempting to solve things in new ways. If you ask me for a quick description I would say that what I do best is: tell great stories, make things work, and have radical creativity.

I have a strong desire to transform little things that will then have a positive ripple effect. That's why I value the importance of producing quality results, having attention to detail and the capacity for true observation. This leads me to work carefully stimulated by my ambition and commitment that's always delivery-focused. 

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​​​​​​​I’ve got 23 years of experience developing an expertise on smiling, tinkering, building and playing. Which then formally translated into a degree on Product Design and MA in Design Engineering.

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Hope you smiled.