Rocking horse with one

square meter plywood. 




1m2 Plywood board arrangement

Flat pack furniture design 

One square meter plywood
No material waste
No bolts and nuts 
Weight resistant

CNC Machine 
CAM software
CAD Fusion 360
Rapid prototyping

Main Takeaways 
It's all about the system.
2. Bolts and nuts are overrated. 
3. Always add radii when designing
internal edges for CNC machinery.

Charles and Ray Eames Vitra Elefant 

1m2 Plywood board arrangement
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Flat Pack Rocking Horse

The design process of this rocking horse was focused on  stability without any external joints. The approach to achieve this was a system of several pieces that would work as both joints and features of the actual horse.


Two outline pieces that serve as a base and eleven smaller parts that comprised the seat, the handles or horsehair and the feet rest. The final design indirectly reflects form after function, where the functional characteristics go hand by hand with the asthetic decisions made through the process.

Cohesion within the system

Same joint for all building blocks

Easy assembly  

Born out of one square meter of milled plywood, this rocking horsey combines simplicity, elegance and a touch of playfulness. Created with only one square meter of wood and with space and material efficiency, the piece is easy to assemble through a costumer friendly interlocking system. Each piece is designed accordingly to fit perfecly unto the main base  base without losing the horse silluette.


Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 9.27.06 PM.png
Planos_ Caballo.jpg

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